by Elisabeth Jensen

If you could speak directly to any God or Goddess you were wanting to understand better wouldn’t that be a wonderful gift? More importantly perhaps what message and guidance would they have for you? Deities are very powerful energy beings of Light so it takes time and practice to connect with them to receive clear messages and even longer to trance channel Gods and Goddesses verbally but it’s an amazing practice well worth the discipline and effort.

People do ask who can be channelled? Angels, Guides, Spirits of Departed Persons, Ascended Masters, ET’s, Gods and Goddesses is the answer. However usually speaking to departed humans is called Mediumship plus it’s more difficult to trance channel spirits of the departed unless their vibrations are high enough. As both a Medium and Trance Channel for all the above beings it gives me much joy to do this for myself personally, for writing, for clients and for large groups of people.


Well almost any person who studies, practices and meditates enough plus is of good spiritual character! Like Mediumship the Channelling process is determined by the Spirit World – if the Spirits and Deities want to work through you they will, otherwise they will simply stand back from you as they have free will. Powerful and positive Gods and Goddesses usually request that you take time to build up a relationship first with them and when they see you are sincere and will value their information you are ready to start. Of course, you need to know how to energetically channel them as well.


There are four levels of channeling – Light Trance is where the Deities stand close behind you and gently influence your thoughts, in Medium Level Trance they often overshadow you and usually you sense them influencing your speech -most good psychic readers work at this level. In Trance Channelling the Deities energy is in the physical body of the Channel so your voice will change as you speak the words of each Deity. Fourth Level is Unconscious Trance Channelling where the Channel remembers nothing of what they have said or done during this time whether doing Psychic Healing or Voice Channelling. This level is much harder on the physical and energy body of the channel as their own spirit leaves as the Deity or Entity enters so I don’t practice it often except when healing sometimes but famous Healers like John of God and Psychics like Edgar Cayce do it as a Soul Contract to serve humanity I believe.

To begin with if you want to channel say Egyptian Gods and Goddesses its best to purchase a set of Egyptian Oracle or Tarot Cards and read them through connecting to the Deities you are most drawn to then doing some Card Readings to practice the first two levels of channelling. Remember to only work in a clear and safe energy space so as not to connect with lower level spirits then to consider carefully what advice and energy you are wanting in your life before connecting further to the Deities in meditation – if you want more healing and miracles call on Goddess Auset and God Amun Ra to be with you not Sobek and Set who are the more challenging Gods of endings and chaos.

To trance channel, you need to be experienced in meditation and working with energy first plus realise it takes quite a lot of practice to hold the energy of powerful Deities in your body plus open your mouth and speak clearly at the same time! I do recommend you have an experienced physical teacher as well for this who can assist you to call in the most suitable Deities in their most powerful form then hold that energy space for you as you start to verbally channel.


Profound wisdom and guidance about the past, present and future can be received for yourself and others. Deities don’t usually tell you in detail how to live your life – they provide more of a Map of your life than a Manual! Certain Deities such as the Egyptian God Tehuti can assist you to read Akashic Records for Past Lives information then a God such as Amun Ra can assist you with guidance on healing, your future path plus creating miracles. Goddess Auset aka Isis can speak words of wisdom through you about healing and magic plus the future of this planet.

The Buddhist Goddess Kwan Yin speaks words full of compassion, forgiveness and wisdom. The Hindu Deities have a very powerful energy that takes time to adjust to for most verbal trance channels but Goddess Lakshmi loves to give advice on drawing abundance to you while the Lord Ganesha often prefers to offer fewer words and work more at an energy level to clear obstacles from your path and increase your intelligence level.

Endless Blessings await the trance channeler who is dedicated to this valuable work plus the offer of Enlightenment is always there as you continuously bask in the healing energies and wise words of the Divine Gods and Goddesses of Light.

ELISABETH JENSEN is the founder and Principal of Auset Temple Healing which she teaches in Adelaide and Melbourne plus throughout Asia. A Triple Award Winning Psychic she is also the author of Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards and leads Sacred Journeys to Egypt. Meet Elisabeth at the Whole Life Expo in September where she will be presenting a Trance Channelling Gods and Goddess demonstration at Mystic Corner. Learn more at and Facebook Elisabeth Jensen Auset Temple Healing