Guidelines for preparing an article for InnerSelf Newspaper

We aim to publish stories and information that informs, inspires and supports readers to live richer, fuller, and more responsible lives.

InnerSelf and its staff are dedicated to helping readers live richer, fuller, and more responsible lives. We work to do this by providing inspiration and resources for wellness, personal growth, and spirituality and by providing information to empower positive choices for the natural and social environment. Our goal is to awaken one community at a time.

We prefer articles of about 800 - 1,000 words that are consistent with our statement of purpose.
Articles in Innerself offer material of practical value; easily understood, and supportive of the InnerSelf mission. Each article must contain at least one practical self-help tool that the reader can use from the material presented. We request a warm friendly style of writing with examples, anecdotes, and humour, where appropriate. It is ideal when the information is presented in very simple terms that the general lay public can understand, yet the quality of the data is of value to a professional.
The material in the article does not have to be original. You may elect to adapt material you have published elsewhere, such as in a book, magazine or newsletter. When you submit to Innerself, be sure to identify the original source so that this can be acknowledged at the end of the article; and indicate that permission has been granted by the publisher or whomever holds the copyright.
We expect stories to offer something of value to our readers and to carry no “advertorial hook”.
If you need to promote your business, we suggest you do so with advertising. You can present your ad in story format as this is an effective way to get your message across to the public. However such a story must be paid for and either boxed or headed with the word “advertisement”.

Unsolicited article submissions are reviewed as time permits. Volume of submissions may preclude individual responses.

We edit all content for punctuation, spelling, grammar, length, clarity, narrative flow, and compliance with our conventions. Attention grabbing headlines that convey the article’s content are a must; we reserve the right to re-title accepted submissions as needed. Bios are written in-house from the information you provide.

Our editorial lineup is generally established at least 3 months prior to publication.

Accompanying each article must be a bio paragraph about the author that indicates why that person has the authority to speak on the subject of the article. Promotional mention of the author’s publications, workshops, corporate connection, encouraged. Be sure to include phone number and/or e-mail address, so the reader can contact the author.
(Please limit this paragraph to about 50 words).

A photo of the author is requested. A colour or black and white head and shoulders shot makes a nice addition to the presentation of the article.

We are looking for stories of outstanding quality in the following topic areas:
Natural Health, including integrative medicine, complementary health practices, yoga and other body disciplines.
Food, including nutrition, organic farming, consumer reporting, and genetic engineering and GMOs.
Spirituality, including indigenous traditions, creative spiritual practices, and progressive spiritual inquiry.
Personal Growth, including cultural creative values, women’s issues, communication and relationships, and inspirational self-help.
Environment, including ecological sustainability, renewable energy and conservation, eco-tourism, bio-regionalism, and sustainable urban planning.
We receive many queries and unsolicited submissions. Your article will have a better chance of being accepted if you know the magazine. The most common reason articles are rejected is that they are inappropriate for the audience. Be sure you’re submitting the right article to the right publication.

There is no remuneration to the authors of articles. If an article is used, the author does, however, have the benefit of the promotional exposure.

Copyright of article and pics supplied stays with the writer.

Text: please save as text only format. Do not format text. Do not include any images. Do not use all caps on anything
Images: Images can be supplied on Jpeg or Tiff format at 300 DPI at size to be used.
E-mail to:

We receive many submissions every day and our editing process happens in a quarterly rhythm. This means that it may be several months before the editor can look at your story. We aim to let you know as soon as the editor has made a decision. InnerSelf NEWSPAPER PO Box 146, Highbury, SA 5089 Phone: 08 8396 6752 |