by Susanne Marie

Do you feel trapped or overwhelmed at the moment or have you in recent times? Does it seem that there are no obvious solutions to your dilemmas? Have you been feeling the strong energies of the interesting planetary alignments during this past year? Do you have to submit to circumstances where you feel you have no control?

Many of my clients have expressed some or all of the above in recent times and I have also experienced some of these. The good thing is that there are possible solutions. I am happy to say that if you think first and look deeper in to your inner being, you may be surprised to find that you do indeed have the capacity to change your circumstances for the better. You do have the power within you.

Do not feel as if you must continue in situations that do not serve your highest and best good. Instead of looking at these circumstances from a superficial point of view, look to your highest consciousness for solutions. Trust that you will find answers no matter how large or small your current dilemma is.

When you do know how to tap in to your highest consciousness to help you through whatever the situation, you start to leave behind the temptation to go for the lowest vibration solutions of fear, anger, blame, aggression, sarcasm or ridicule either towards another person or yourself. Remove any possible decisions based on any of the aforementioned circumstances.

Many of you will remember that I often mention the power of love and going out in love. I put this in to practice every day in life.

Let me start with a couple of everyday situations that sometimes get to us when the day seems to start badly. Maybe we are running late and our anger or frustration levels are rising before we set foot in our car. And then every driver seems to be discourteous, not giving way or cutting in or blocking us and so on. I find that if I start to mimic their actions the situation gets worse.

Most of the time I do remember to stop, breathe and in my mind send out love to every one driving on the road. I visualize them all doing the right thing and being courteous. When the opportunity arises, I show courtesy and smile at other drivers or let them in front of me. Within a very short time I find that other drivers are also being courteous and the way opens up smoothly. A much more satisfying solution to something simple and it can therefore change the tone of how the whole day works.

Another day to day example is the car that won’t start or the computer that is frozen, the phone won’t work or some other problem with the vast array or electric or electronic objects that we own. I find if I stop and send love to the offending object – yes even inanimate objects! - Next minute they start working properly. Tell them they can do it and tell yourself that the solution is there. It works almost always for me and reminds me to stay calm. My car responds wonderfully to being treated kindly too.

These are small examples of simple situations but imagine if we apply this principle to everything that happens to us in our life!

People can and do think more positively in every area of their life with the right guidance and help. If we can change the simple things in our life just know that this applies even more so to the circumstances that we sometimes wonder how it will ever be possible to get past.

Some of those include financial circumstances that change for the worse, health challenges large or small, being in danger of losing a job, hating the circumstances of our personal relationships or even our fear about what is happening in politics or natural or human made disasters. We wonder if it will just get worse and worse and we sit and imagine all the things that can go wrong in the future. By focusing on all that is wrong and can go wrong and visualising all of the even worse scenarios, we are attracting more of those circumstances to us.

Look at how to change those by applying love and visualising what we truly want in our life. This might mean the need to change erroneous beliefs that we have that encourage us to give up or to only see the worst possible scenarios. That was how my life used to run but now I stay always on the path of love. Know that there are solutions and there are people who can guide you through the process to success!

Susanne Marie is a Theta Healing® Master; Certificate of Science in Theta Healing®; DipTeaching (Prim); Dip Health Sciences (Remedial Massage); Dip Oriental Massage; Healer and Teacher of Theta Healing® for many years.

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