by Fran Tomlin

An appendix is a useless bodily organ apparently, according to medical science. Yet it resides in each of our bodies. We were all born with an appendix. Every single one of us.

So hypothetically, what if that organ played a critical role in understanding the metaphysical nature of life here on earth? For instance, as if it were a brand or stamp of the intrinsic metaphysical nature of earth’s DNA, carried within that significant yet symbolic and useless piece of anatomy. In other words a ‘message’ from far beyond the usual barriers of time and space, sitting in a form within us. Imagine please, each soul ‘shipped’ off to earth to occupy bodies that carry the code, a ‘stamp’ of the realm and denomination of which it is to inhabit i.e ‘Those with appendix – to earth, those with sound frequency device - to Pleides ... and so on.’

In other words, it’s not a mistake.


There are no coincidences, ever. This is a deliberate Universe.

The Hopi Indians for example intentionally create a miniscule flaw in the bowls and artefacts they create – which to the ‘naked’ eye, go totally unnoticed by the general public.

When one views that artefact one simply sees it as a whole and a thing of beauty.

And yet, one is told it has this imperfection. Exactly as we have a redundant organ – the appendix.

Again why?

Because we are living/existing on a planet of duality that intrinsically brings with it ‘imperfection’.

i.e you can’t know one thing without knowing the only know happiness because you have experienced sadness. Beauty versus ugliness, peace versus war , and so on.

Therefore, to all intents and purposes, it cannot be called a ‘perfect’ world. So why do we ‘kill’ ourselves, one way or the other trying to be in, or bring in, perfection into our lives?

How about entertaining at least then the thought that nothing here on earth was ever meant to be perfect in the first instance? Perfect Life, perfect body, perfect circumstances etc. etc. Life here was always going to contain ‘flaws’ – because that’s how we learn. From that point springs all else. Full stop.

Perhaps the lesson here, or simply a way forward, is to forsake chasing the ‘perfect’ dream of having this or that, of being this or that – to the extent of even choosing to undergo unnecessary surgical procedures just to that end. Perhaps the thing is to simply decide to opt out of the illusion of perfection and accept that things, whatever they may be, are just simply the way they are. IT IS AS IT IS. Once one is able then to fully and viscerally accept all of the nuances within one’s life; to openly , utterly & wholeheartedly embrace one’s life warts and all; so finally and completely in each and every aspect - leading you towards feeling free, peaceful, flowing exactly like water does over rocks and boulders -- then and only then you can begin to feel ridiculously present joy in your every day plus total surrender into whatever it is that may present itself in your life. All of which you have been searching for all along = Perfection.

YAY! Thank God for appendices!