by David John Oates

Did you know that the human spirit speaks in a clear audible voice that can be heard and understood by anyone? This is the remarkable claim of Reverse Speech, a new and emerging modality that promises to open up the human psyche in a way that has never been done before.

The basic claim of Reverse Speech is that language is bi-level, forwards and backwards, and if human speech is recorded and played backwards, mixed amongst the gibberish at regular intervals can be heard clear and precise grammatically correct sentences. These sentences reveal deeper thought processes of the speaker, and can come from multiple areas of the mind, conscious, unconscious and even deeper.

If a lie is spoken forwards, the backward message may correct that lie and communicate the truth. If someone is leaving facts out of their conversation, Reverse Speech may communicate those facts. Although we cannot hear the backward messages consciously (unless of course we play a recording backwards), the unconscious mind receives the message and interprets it as human intuition, or that gut sense that there is more than what we are being told. At deeper levels, Reverse Speech will reveal thoughts that are below the level of consciousness. At these levels, the backward messages will detail, in metaphor, the workings of the unconscious mind and the reasons for current behaviour. This information is of tremendous benefit in the therapeutic arena because it will give the therapist invaluable information as to why and how their clients are exhibiting current and sometimes undesirable behaviour.

However, probably the most exciting aspect of Reverse Speech is its ability to reveal the voice of the human spirit itself. At its deepest levels, Reverse Speech reveals a constant dialogue between the spirit and the conscious mind. The Spirit is constantly talking to us, giving advice and guidance, reassurance and sometimes even warnings. People have tried many methods over the millennia to get in touch with the Spirit – prayer, meditation, hypnosis to name a few. Some work to varying degrees but none are as accurate and as direct as Reverse Speech. Imagine hearing your own spirit speaking to you in a voice you can understand. This possibility is now a reality. The Spirit does indeed speak – backwards.

For more than 30 years now I have been researching this phenomenon and I have amassed a wealth of research and information about the human psyche. Part of what I have learned is that the psyche has multiple layers and at the very centre of these layers resides the human soul. The soul and the spirit are two separate entities. The soul is timeless and survives physical death. One backward message I found on a client says , “The soul, I’ll live forever.” The Spirit, however, is connected to the Divine and it details spiritual matters and our lessons in life. It also offers us help and reassurance. On one client who was having money problems, I found a backward message that said, “You’re frightened, lean on me.” This was his spirit talking directly to his conscious mind, basically saying, “I know you are afraid, just lean and trust in me.”

Messages like these are common backwards, and anyone who takes even a cursory glance at Reverse Speech cannot deny the tremendous spiritual value that the phenomenon has. If its voice is taken seriously, it can open people up to tremendous knowledge and possibilities. The human psyche, including the Spirit contains all knowledge and knows all mysteries. Reverse Speech taps into what is sometimes called the collective unconscious, or a universal storehouse of all knowledge. Using this information, it can reveal the future, it can reveal why we do things, and it can even reveal deep spiritual truths. It is the voice of the infinite that we have always known exists but never knew before how to access it. Now we do.

Once Reverse Speech is studied and accepted by mainstream science, its existence will have a significant impact on society. It essentially means that the human mind is no longer private. No one can lie ever again, no husband can hide an affair and no employee can hide company theft. In regards to human behaviour it takes the guess work out of therapy. No longer will it be necessary to spend months in therapy to find the cause of an issue or problem. Reverse Speech can tell us in one 30 minute recording. And in regards to spiritual mysteries, Reverse Speech can tell us the Truth.

As we move further and further into the 21st century, Reverse Speech opens up a door to a largely unexplored region – the mysteries of the human psyche and soul.

Welcome to the world of Reverse Speech.

David John Oates was born in rural Australia on October 30th 1955. It was while running a halfway house for street kids in 1984 that he first heard about backward messages in rock and roll, and a new hobby was born – playing tapes backwards. He rapidly became obsessed with this new hobby and by 1987, he had developed the theory of Reverse Speech.

Since that time, David has had an active career now spanning 35 years, furthering the field of Reverse Speech as his full time occupation. He has developed new theories, and designed therapeutic and training techniques. He has published several books on Reverse Speech, including “Beyond Backward Masking”, “Voices From The Unconscious” and “Its Only A Metaphor”, and numerous tapes and training manuals. He has lectured around the world to crowds of thousands, and trained hundreds of students. He has presented Reverse Speech on 1000s of radio shows, and has appeared on dozens of television programs, including CNNs, Larry King Live, Geraldo, Leeza Gibbons, Strange Universe, Extra to name a few. In Australia, he has appeared on such shows as, Good Morning Australia, Today Tonight, A Current Affair, and Today. His work has also been featured in 100s of papers and well known publications such as The New York Times, Harpers Review, Omni magazine and Discover magazine.

David has been compared to Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and Nicola Tesla and his work described as being of Nobel calibre with far reaching ramifications in such fields as law enforcement, business and psychology.

He is a certified Hypnotherapist and Trainer, and currently attends to his therapy and corporate consulting business using reverse speech techniques. David is also an accomplished public speaker, maintaining an active international speaking and training schedule as well as a popular guest on many international radio and TV programs.

He currently resides in Adelaide, South Australia.

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