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by Amrit Kumar

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The weather is warming up and girls will be girls. As we fret about our thighs and stomaches, as we contemplate the latest diets and battle the war on body image, it is vital that we understand the natural rhythms of our own bodies and of nature at large.

First thing’s first, and most of us will be glad to hear it: Winter is a time of accumulation, during which all of nature goes into hibernation. We naturally tend towards heavier foods and weight gain in order to protect ourselves from the cold and to build up reserves in case of serious illness. However, the by-product of eating heavier food, especially in our modern sedentary lifestyle, is increased toxicity levels due to undigested “leftovers” from what we consume.

During spring, it is the body’s natural tendency to expel these toxins and fat while preparing for summer, when we need lighter foods with higher water content in order to keep ourselves hydrated and cool. In the spring months our bodies will dislodge the ‘winter toxins’ resulting in increased toxicity levels in the body’s circulation. This can in turn lead to a compromised immune system and an increase in colds and flus and a general feeling of sluggishness. Spring cleansing is a must for our ensured health in summer.

Assisting the body with natural preparations during this process of inherent cleansing would be of great help so that the body doesn’t have to use its reserves in order to cleanse itself and cope with these seasonal changes.

Dandelion, Juniper, Elderflower, Sage, Thyme, Senna and Peppermint are particularly useful for eliminating harmful toxins. Honey is also highly recommended as a natural balancing energiser that will boost the immune system. Anything that is mildly diuretic will also help, as it will increase cleansing through the kidneys and the urinary system.

The good news is that our bodies are geared towards weight loss at this time of the year and it is actually a very healthy move to change our diets and reduce the amount and content of what we eat as we anticipate our summer lifestyle. What you don’t want to do of course is starve yourself. The dangers associated with rapid weight loss and fad dieting can never be over-stated.

Losing too much weight too quickly and being under-nourished, can actually lead to increased weigh gain in the long run due to a slower metabolism and a reaction to the “starvation mode” that our bodies go into as they cling to fat when they think that food is a scarce resource. It is very important to cleanse before you diet because otherwise you will re-absorb the winter toxins, which will inhibit weight loss and leave you feeling heavy, tired and possibly even depressed.

The best way to lose weight is to start with a body free of toxins. Invest in a naturally prepared herbal cleanser that will aid your body in eliminating harmful toxins. Keep active! Go to the gym or ride your bike. Go for a swim or walk. Just DO something, and remember to eat early in the day to stimulate your metabolism, while keeping evening meals light.

Give your body time to digest before you go to bed and always, always, always drink lots of water.

Amrit Kumar is the Sales and Marketing Manager for her father’s company Australerba Herbal Products and Spagyric Laboratories. Through her father Dr. Krishna Kumar she has been associated with Ayurvedic Medicine throughout her life. She has a passion for natural health of both the body and mind that is reflected in her work and her studies in the fields of Philosophy and Psychology.


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